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The Most Recent Scientific Discoveries Concerning Watermelon Nutrition Conclusively Link the Delicious Fruit to Wellness

New York – United States – 07/21/2012 -- For centuries watermelons have been utilized as a refreshing fruit in the areas where they were harvested. This sweet delicacy is unique from other fruits and is particularly popular in the western world. However, what wasn't always known was the rich nutritional value that eating watermelons provided. Watermelon nutrition facts are still being investigating by many clinics. New groundbreaking research has shed some light on watermelons, showing they are vital to a healthy lifestyle. It is now known that watermelons are a good source for Vitamin C, Potassium as well Vitamin A. Yet this super fruit is rarely mentioned for its many health benefits and doesn't get the proper media attention it deserves.

While Acai berries and low carbohydrate diets were becoming a favorite of bloggers and savvy marketers, the watermelon was still the fan favorite for the go to summertime fruit. In order to maintain a healthy diet, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables are essential. Supplementing the diet with watermelons and watermelon juice extract regularly can add years on to your life. Since watermelons are ninety percent water and the body is roughly sixty percent water, the watermelon fruit is really a necessity for life.

Traditionally watermelons are eaten while the seeds are discarded away. Since more research has been conducted in recent years it's now known that watermelon seeds contain high levels of Zinc, Fiber and Iron. Eating watermelon seeds adds to its overall potency as one of the world's greatest fruits. In Nigeria for instance the seeds are used in soups that people eat to relieve their digestive problems. High end restaurants in the United States use the seeds in salads. In China the dried seeds are grounded up and the remaining powder is then made into a tea. Although seedless watermelons have become common place in recent years, the food industry and Food and Drug Administration are doing the public a great disservice from their continued use. Removing seed robs the population of addition nutrition that is desperately needed in this age.

In clinical trials patients who ate any of the various raw watermelons types felt more energized, had better skin and tended to feel healthier. This is a typical response to a diet that contains the types of minerals and nutrients that watermelons contain. For ages indigenous people have known what we in the Western scientific community are just starting to realize. That is, watermelons are a powerful super fruit that needs to be utilized by the populace in order to stay in balance.

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