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Eczema Patient Finally Heals with the Support of the International...


ITSAN: International Topical Steroid Addiction Network

Indian Harbour Beach, FL (PR Syndication) August 01, 2012

Kristina Ventura followed the advice of her doctors by using topical steroids for over a year to treat her daughter’s itchy rashes. She also went to great lengths to get rid of all possible triggers effecting her daughter's Eczema. They removed carpet, bought expensive air purifiers and humidifiers, did mold testing, acupuncture, elimination diets, switched laundry products, lotions, soaps, double/triple rinsed toys and clothing, did prescribed bleach baths, used water softeners, expensive clothing, yanked out bushes/trees from the yard, did allergy sub-lingual drops, antihistamines, said goodbye to the family dog, and even relocated.

“After all this, nothing changed and we were still pulling our hair out, perplexed by what appeared to doctors as out of control Eczema,” said Kristina. As the first day of preschool approached Kristina grew worried. Keira’s rash and itching spread to more parts of her body over time. What started out as a few itchy patches on her upper thighs and stomach eventually spread to almost her entire body. It appeared Keira would not be able to start preschool like a “normal” child.

Saddened by the worsening turn of events Kristina wrote a poem for her daughter entitled, “A Mother’s Wish.” "It was a cry for help." Says Kristina.

The poem was published in the National Eczema Association’s monthly newsletter and posted on Facebook. Fortunately, Kristina was contacted by Joey Brown, a member of ITSAN’s patient advisory board. After visiting ITSAN website, Kristina learned of the correlation between topical steroid use and worsening “out of control” Eczema. “We finally figured out she was suffering from Steroid Induced Eczema. Once we stopped the topical steroids and her skin adjusted, she began to heal,” remembered Kristina.

Fast forward to today Keira has started preschool and loves to go every day. At one year off of topical steroids, Keira is happy, healthy and itch free. Kristina and her family thanks ITSAN, Dr. Rapaport, Kelly Palace, Joey Brown and so many others who supported them along the way.

“An angel came into our lives that day and answered our prayers, our daughter is now 100% healed,” stated Kristina.

Kristina Ventura now serves on the ITSAN patient advisory panel and participates in ITSAN’s online support groups by offering help and advice to mothers who are caring for children with Steroid Induced Eczema. Visit to read Kristina’s blog devoted to her daughter’s healing process.

To learn more about Dr. Marvin Rapaport and his research on Topical Steroid Addiction, please visit

About The International Topical Steroid Addiction Network:

ITSAN was officially Co-Founded by Dermatologist Dr. Marvin Rapaport, full professor at UCLA Medical Center and the nation’s leading expert on the subject. Kelly Palace, Co-Founder and president, was one of the 2,000 patients that Dr. Rapaport treated and cured. An online community of over 100 patients with this condition also contributed ideas, money and inspiration to start ITSAN. For more information please visit

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